A proper Windows 7 Setup

October 11, 2016 #guide#windows

Once again, I managed to wreck my Windows installation. This time I blame Windows Updates and Visual Studio 2015. I decided to format my SSD and install a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate on my workstation. A setup with efficiency, security and privacy in mind required me to do quite a lot of googling each time anew. For future reference I'm going to write down each step, each piece of software and the order of installation which seemingly does matter. This should provide a solid baseline.

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jMonkeyEngine: Filter MouseWheel events that belong to Nifty

July 22, 2016 #java#jme#nifty#coding

In my RTS game Astrocide I use jME's ChaseCamera for zooming and controlling the viewing angle of the camera. I also use Nifty's ScrollPanel control in the GUI. Both interactions, zooming the camera and scrolling the panels, are bound to the mouse wheel. The catch is: Nifty does not consume MouseWheel events so when you scroll a panel you always zoom the camera, too. I'll demonstrate a pragmatic solution to filter these events out.

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